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Market Research Case Study

We just posted a market research case study on one of our successfully delivered projects. View all of our case studies on our About page.

Case Study


A chemical company sourcing from China had seen unexpected increases in the prices of a chemical they were purchasing. The customer wanted to understand the reasons for the price increase in order to make strategic decisions about their future sourcing.


To identify the numbers and identities of manufacturers and traders of the chemical in question, and to identify the reasons for the price increase and how they would affect future price.


Fountainbridge proposed a market research investigation to identify manufacturers, traders and raw material suppliers and to gather information on factors that had lead to sudden price increases.


Fountainbridge identified the closure of a number of key raw material suppliers due to changing government policy as the reason behind the price rise and provided opinion on likely future price changes. The information provided by Fountainbridge allowed our customer to make informed strategic decisions.