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Chemical Sourcing

FB Pharmtech are experts in chemical sourcing with an in-depth knowledge of the global chemical market. We can help to accelerate product development and save money by working with trusted partners to supply chemicals for applications across the pharmaceutical, life science and specialty chemical sectors.

FB Pharmtech is a company with extensive experience in working with chemical manufacturers and suppliers in China and India. We offer a chemical sourcing service that is reliable, professional, and cost-effective, making it a convenient solution for customers looking to source chemicals for pharmaceutical and life science applications. By collaborating with us, you can rest assured that you'll receive the highest quality chemicals for your projects, with the best service.

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FB Pharmtech has a strong presence in both the UK and China which allows us to maintain excellent communication channels with manufacturers, suppliers, and customers. Our services in China include chemical QC analysis, supplier due diligence checks, supplier and factory audits, chemical sampling service, logistical support, and pre-shipment inspection. These additional services help to minimise risk and provide a fast, professional, and cost-effective chemical sourcing service. Our customers can save both time and money with our reliable services.

FB Pharmtech has a proven track record of sourcing high-quality chemical raw materials. We specialise in applications across the pharma, life science, and fine chemical industry sectors. Our goal is to provide innovative and cost-effective chemical sourcing solutions to solve our customers' procurement challenges. To achieve this, we work with manufacturers who have previous experience in making the target chemical and suppliers who can accommodate the specific technical requirements outlined by the customer.

We understand that global supply chains in the chemical industry are under constant pressure, with external factors exerting strain on both costs and delivery time. At FB Pharmtech, we prioritise timely delivery and reliability, which is why our international reach, wide network of partners, and value-added services can help stabilize the supply chain, accelerate delivery and reduce risk. This is especially important during these challenging times when it is crucial to ensure a reliable supply of high-quality chemicals.

Products are delivered on time and in good condition, and most importantly meeting our customer’s required specification

FB Pharmtech aims to provide customers with as much information as possible when preparing a quote. We are happy to share technical details about manufacturing processes and background information on suppliers upon request, and whenever possible, we will provide at least two different sources for each inquiry.

This helps our customers to make informed decisions before proceeding. We are also willing to sign a CDA before entering into discussions. When we receive a product request, we first look for manufacturers with prior experience in making the product, preferably with stock available. If we can't find such a company, we consider custom synthesis or manufacture, with an emphasis on working with manufacturers who have experience with the key manufacturing technologies.

The key to reliable and effective chemical sourcing lies in identifying factories experienced in producing a particular product or chemistry. If a factory has already made the chemical before, it has already invested resources in developing the manufacturing process; hence, manufacturing should be repeatable, cost-effective, and faster.

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