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FB Pharmtech are experts in chemical sourcing with an in-depth knowledge and wide experience of the Chinese chemical market. We can help to accelerate product development and save money by working with trusted partners to supply chemicals for applications across the pharmaceutical, fine chemical and specialty chemical sectors.

FB Pharmtech works with a network of trusted suppliers and manufacturers to source chemicals for applications in pharmaceutical development & manufacturing, fine chemical, agrochemical and specialty chemical.

Through our extensive knowledge of manufacturers and suppliers, principally in China but also in India, FB Pharmtech's chemical sourcing service can provide a professional, fast and cost-effective service. Our customers save time and money by entrusting FB Pharmtech to source pharmaceutical intermediates, chemicals for R&D, fine chemicals & APIs from reliable manufacturers and suppliers.

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FB Pharmtech’s presence in the UK and China means that we maintain strong channels of communication with manufacturers, suppliers and customers alike.

In China we can offer additional services in support of the supply chain. These include chemical QC analysis carried out in Shanghai, supplier due diligence checks, supplier and factory audit, chemical sampling service, logistical support and pre-shipment inspection. These services help to reduce risk and deliver a fast, professional, cost effective chemical sourcing service, allowing our customers to save time and money.

FB Pharmtech has a proven track-record of providing quality chemical raw materials for our customers and for providing cost-effective sourcing solutions. We have worked with multi-national companies across the pharma and specialty chemicals sectors to solve their sourcing challenges including finding manufacturers and suppliers who can accommodate specific technical product requirements.

In recent years global supply chains have been under increased pressure with Covid, geo-political tension and economic challenges all exerting pressure on cost and delivery time. FB Pharmtech's international reach and value-added services can help to strengthen your supply chain, accelerate delivery and reduce risk, at a time when this is needed most.

Products are delivered on time and in good condition, and most importantly meeting our customer’s specification requirements.

When preparing a quote, FB Pharmtech strives to share as much information with the customer as possible. We will make technical information on manufacturing processes and background information on suppliers available when requested, and where possible; as well as providing at least two different sources for each enquiry, although this is not always feasible. This allows our customers to make an informed decision before proceeding. We are happy to sign a CDA before entering into discussions.

When we receive a product request, we look for manufacturers with experience of making the product before, preferably with stock available. If we cannot find a company that has made the material before, then we consider custom synthesis or manufacture.

The key to effective chemical sourcing is identifying factories that have experience with a product or chemistry. If a factory has made a chemical before this means they have already invested resources to develop the manufacturing process; therefore, manufacture should be repeatable, the manufacturing cost will be lower, and the delivery faster.

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