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FB Pharmtech provides custom synthesis services to customers across the chemical industry, including drug development companies, contract research/manufacturing organisations, chemical catalogue companies, government-related bodies, academic institutions and life science start-up companies.

Our custom synthesis service is reliable, cost-effective, and based on technical innovation and clear, open communication. We are committed to ensuring that our customers receive the best possible service at the best price.

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FB Pharmtech specialises in the custom synthesis of organic small molecules including impurities, metabolites, intermediates; and molecules for drug discovery and development. FB Pharmtech's chemists have successfully completed hundreds of custom synthesis projects on scales ranging from mg - multi kg.

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FB Pharmtech has a dedicated team of Shanghai based chemists undertaking custom synthesis projects on scales from mg-multi kg.

We have strengths in the custom synthesis of molecules for drug development, impurity reference standards and metabolites on the mg-100g scale, having successfully completed many challenging synthesis projects for these types of molecules for applications in both pharmaceutical and plant protection

  • Dedicated team of chemists for synthesis and process development
  • Successful track-record in performing challenging, multi-step syntheses
  • Fixed cost synthesis
  • FTE service
  • Small molecule drug development, medicinal chemistry and process development service
  • 32 Fume hoods, 3 kilo labs, one pressure lab
  • Preparative HPLC for separation work, including chiral prep-HPLC

We also have the capabilities and facilities to support process development and scale-up, supporting the manufacture of intermediates and fine chemicals at kg-Mt scale, features include

  • Professional facilities for pilot production
  • 500 litre reactors and 2 x 1000 litres, 2 x 2000L, 2 x 3000L, 2 x 5000L
  • Pressure Lab with 300 L autoclave up to 200 atm
  • Fractional distillation and re-crystallization facilities
  • An experienced team for scale-up
  • Well-equipped with steam, cooling, vacuum systems
  • Waste water treatment and dangerous goods warehouse

We know that our customers understand custom synthesis can be challenging and painstaking work that requires extensive development and optimisation.

That's why FB Pharmtech is committed to providing the best possible service to our customers, we provide regular technical updates on the progress of a synthesis project and communicate the challenges, targets and timescales to support our customer's research, planning & development

We utilise a number of analytical techniques in support of our custom synthesis work including 400MHz NMR, HPLC, MS, GC, prep-HPLC, Karl Fischer water content, elemental analysis, optical rotation, particle size analysis and a physical chemical tests; which are all carried out in-house

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